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Capstone Worldwide provides end to end IT Consulting solutions and services for small to medium sized projects. Capstone’s provides both IT Consulting Services and Staff Augmentation across a broad scope of technologies.
Capstone’s core philosophy is Reduced Total cost of Ownership for our clients. Capstone works closely with their clients to offer the optimum solution ranging from implementation of shrink-wrapped applications to custom development.
Capstone provides strategic and tactical support of ongoing IT operations in two distinct ways:

  • Partner, own and manage your project delivery processes.
  • Provide you a highly efficient and reliable pool of Project Management and Technical resources.

Capstone is located conveniently to service the various IT needs of clients with locations in Illinois and India.


Premium Project Management

Project management team seated at a desk discussing a project

The right Project Manager – one who understands your line of business – can help you increase performance in the areas of people, processes and outcomes, and convert your project portfolio into a sharp,competitive advantage. Strategy, innovation and implementation – these are building blocks of success. When your organization seeks to grow, change or compete more successfully, the path will inevitably lead to project management.

Chief Information Officer / Board Services

Whether you’re a start-up company, prospering mid-size enterprise or a Fortune 500 Corporation,the information and technologies challenges facing a growing company or one that’s in a transition, are many and finding the right leadership (Chief Information Officer) is most crucial in today’s technologies age. Seasoned CIO’s generally carry a very heavy salary and in some cases a long-term contract with golden parachute options which can leave your company in a desperation mode if he or she doesn’t share the vision or have the expertise needed to grow your company.

Business man reviewing a portfolio in front of another man as they have coffee

Contracting and Staffing Solutions

Positive growth of a company doesn’t always come from within. “Lean and mean” sometimes is the best answer to control unforeseen costs, rising demands and benefits programs of lifetime employees and permanent career seekers, as well as directional changes brought about by market depletion or increased opportunities.

Document Management Solutions / CRM Customization

Most successful businesses today have their heads in a cloud! A concept that once meant,”crazy and unrealistic expectations,” now means “sensible and productive solutions.” Cloud-based technology and information storage and systems have literally revolutionized diversification and coordination within and outside of growing and expanding companies. If your company has not gotten their heads in the cloud, now is the time and Capstone Worldwide is the means to that end.

Man pointing at a bar graph in the foreground, which is around the word

Technology and IT Solutions

It’s a technology-driven world. Whether your company’s IT department is a kid you hired who “knows computers” or a vast staff of IT professionals who just need some innovative solutions to a complex integration, Capstone Worldwide’s IT Solutions can get your company up-to-date quickly and successfully implementing those beneficial technologies.

  • "Capstone was willing to put in the extra effort to make sure our Project was successful. They were very instrumental in getting us through difficult issues. It was never about doing only their scope, they did what they had to, to help our project be successful."

    -Manager,IT,Large Utility Company,Chicago
    -Manager,IT,Large Utility Company,Chicago


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